Received Two Awards at Ideas to Serve Competition

A stellar team of ladies and I were presented with the Runner-Up and Best Poster awards at the Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business Ideas to Serve Competition. I2S is "a competition of ideas where creativity, imagination, and technology are applied to solving social and environmental problems." The project—Eating Right—was designed and researched in conjunction with Georgia Tech Professor Neha Kumar and students Rui ZhouSamyukta Sherugar, and Tanisha Wagh.

Eating Right is a mobile app targeting middle class diabetes-affected households in India that teaches new recipes through the use of entertaining cooking show-style videos. 

Beyond engaging with our classmates and colleagues in a positive and motivational setting, we received valuable feedback from business professionals, audience attendees, and the judges. All of our insights combined with the $2500 in prize money has catapulted us forward in the process and enabled us to work with partners in India to begin filming videos for the app.