Examined Cross-Cultural Agricultural Knowledge at CHI Workshop

As part of the ACM 2016 Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (CHI), a team of ICTD researchers hosted a 2-day Development Consortium titled HCI4D Across Borders. Rui Zhou and I attended together to work through our workshop proposal about cross-cultural agricultural knowledge management approaches with a team of like-minded researchers under the guidance of the greats Kentaro Toyama and Jay Chen

Across two days of intense scoping conversations and hard work, we collaborated with our team to generate an infographic about the state of agricultural sustainability in our countries of interest ~ namely, China, India, and Pakistan. I took the lead on visual design of the final product. 

As an added bonus, all the workshop attendees were able to visit both Google and Facebook for a series of talks on ICTs and international development! 

*A special shoutout to Facebook for sponsoring my trip (and many others' trips too). Couldn't have made it all the way to San Jose without you.*