Presented Paper on Diabetes in India at CHI

The CHI conference took place in Denver this year, attracting thousands of people from around the globe to discuss, debate, and share around the latest and greatest in the field of HCI.

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At the conference, I collaborated with my colleague Samyukta Sherugar to present our paper Rice Today, Roti Tomorrow: Diets and Diabetes in Urban India. The paper was written in collaboration with colleagues at Georgia Tech, the University of Michigan, and the Indian Institute of Management at Ahmedabed. Neha Kumar of the TanDEm Lab at Georgia Tech advised us throughout the project. 

A culmination of a year and a half of research and design work, our exploratory project analyzed how diabetes patients in urban Indian households interact with their families and greater care networks to establish and maintain dietary practices based on their individual needs and constraints. 

For the presentation, we discussed insights gleaned from the project and ways forward for scholars and practitioners working in the domain. We concluded by sharing our Learning, Being, Doing framework, generated based on data collected through interviews, contextual inquiry observations, surveys, and evaluations of prototypes. 

We hope that this work provides a clear path forward for scholars interested in chronic disease management in this context.