I'm a digital ethnographer and mobile designer residing in the lovely city of Atlanta. I currently work with the financial technology startup Steady, where I study how people in America make and manage money in 2018. I also serve as an organizer for the Atlanta chapter of the Interaction Design Association. 


I was formerly trained as a linguist. That has a considerable influence on my approach to solving problems and the way I understand systems. My experience primarily spans the worlds of Financial Technologies, Tech for International Development, Applied Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, and Education Technology. I received my BA in Applied Linguistics and MS in Information from the University of Michigan.


Most of what I'm reading currently is about Behavior Design (see B.J. Fogg & Nir Eyal), the future of work in America (see U.S. Financial DiariesMcKinsey, CFSI, and Bureau of Labor Statistics), and research processes for product teams (see Aarron Walter, Erika Hall, and Tomer Sharon). 


Get in touch if you've got an interesting idea for collaboration.